450 too much???
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Thread: 450 too much???

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    450 too much???

    ok guys im new here but not new to forums i ride alot of quads and i recently been wanting to get into dirt biking and retire my quad life, i want a 450 because of the power but i will mostly do trail riding fast trails hill climbs jumps and maybe 1 a year hit the track maybe im only 15 but im 6 4 and im kind of strong for my age although i only ridden one dirt bike before and its really fun i would consider my self a newbie
    but not a newbie to offroading i have ridden banshees ltz400s 300exs raptors all of them and i think i can handle the power i just want you opinion i looked at 250s but it so much cheaper to get a 450 i can get a 08 450 for the same price of a 04 250 and i hear the 450 is less maintenance and rebuild time is less and i just want to know if i will be able to handle it and if its good for the trails, if you guys think its too much will a 250 2 stroke be good say a cr250 i found alot of nice ones but i dont know if there good trail bikes and also whats the rebuild time on them, but i want a 4 stroke and i like the 450,
    sorry for this long thread hopefully someone can help me thxs

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    Nah,not too much bike for you. Because of your height and strength, a crf450r would be a good fit for you. You don't want to be dragging knees on anything smaller. Just ride within your limits until you are ready to step it up and always wear all of your protective gear. My suggestion on a used one is a 2013. You can pick one up for $4,000 or less.
    Best of luck.

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