New to the forum, kinda new to riding
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Thread: New to the forum, kinda new to riding

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    New to the forum, kinda new to riding

    I recently bought a used 2004 crf250x and I didn't notice immediately that the rear wheel has a slight wobble to it. I think it's the bearings. Does this sound familiar? Is it an easy, at home fix? Also, some of the spokes are loose and I don't want to mess with truing or un-truing the wheel so does anybody know of a reputable shop in the SF Bay area that will take care of this for me? Preferably on the peninsula or in SF. I dabble from time to time in wrenching on my own vehicles but this is new to me and I don't want to mess anything up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    by the sounds of what you are describing with the wheel wobble and loose spokes sound to me like your wheel is out of true and needs to go into a shop to get trued. if you lived down in san diego i know a couple of good shops but, if there is a honda dealership near you id go there

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