Clean with Kerosene? Protect that tire!
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Thread: Clean with Kerosene? Protect that tire!

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    Clean with Kerosene? Protect that tire!

    I've decided that kerosene is the best and cheapest chain cleaner, even out of all the brands it there. The problem is that it tends to get sprayed on the rear tire and the rubber doesn't get along with it. I'd heard of (and tried) using cardboard to shield the tire from the kerosene as it's sprayed on. That worked but not as good as I had hoped.

    What I did (and it's probably already widely known) was to take 3 or 4 plastic shopping bags and tear them on each side. Then I wrapped them around the back tire and used painter's tape through the spokes to hold it on. This seemed to work very well! I wanted to use Saran wrap, which I think would be better, but we didn't have any! Hope it helps....
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