So I’ve been working on the bike in the garage, and I think I pulled the throttle 2,000 too many times. I’ve been supermotoing it, coloring bolts, etc. I have spliced into the red/yellow wire and the black/white wire in the killswitch (one with the MIL light). That’s the way you’re supposed to do it to put a key ignition in. That isn’t the answer to the bike not starting because that doesn’t make sense why it would act up now. I took the entire killswitch assembly off the bike, with the plug open to air. And tried kicking it, fuel pump came on and did whatever, and shut off. So great, I thought, now just kick it once again or twice and it will start. Nope. So as I was saying, I took the entire kill switch off, nothing closing the ignition circuit. And I kicked it, and I tried bumping it in first and second. In both gears it came to life for a few seconds and even wanted to go, but of course when I add throttle it dies. Back up the hill I went. I did it seven times, so does it sound like its flooded? If so, what would be an easier way?