Hey guys,

I am a beginner at trail riding. I am seeking a bike that can go up hills on trails. Nothing really that crazy, but more or less a bike to have a little fun on while camping. I am not doing jumps, speeding or going over boulders. Just basic trails.

I am 5'5 but my leg inseam is short. I do well on bikes around 29-32" max seat height.

I was considering a Honda CRF 100 or XR 100. I have not been able to find many bikes in this seat range that are well built.

I was wondering your suggestions of using this type of bike for these hobbies and to learn from before moving to a bigger bike? I started off with a bigger bike and it was a nightmare for me.

Has any other adults used this bike? Was it powerful enough to do some trails/hills etc?

I attached a image of the type of trails I would go on. *not my image but just sort of the trails and what they would have on the ground.

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