I've been looking for anyone who has installed an EFM auto clutch in a Honda CRF250L. *I have one installed and it is amazing. *I did not have to grind anything, the cover installed easily, the whole installation was very easy. *It does exactly what it says it will, I never have to pull in the clutch lever at all. *Roll off, down shift, come to a stop, roll on, it takes off, up shift and down shift as needed, no clutch at all.

Here's my question, and why I'm looking for someone else who has one. *If you have one, did you get the manual clutch lever to work, or is it just not possible to have a manual clutch lever on this model? *Mine is still attached, but does not over ride the auto clutch, it does not have any tension on it at all and pulling it makes no difference, so I'm thinking of taking it off unless there is an adjustment that I'm not seeing that could make it worth keeping. *Any advice?