Hello Everyone,

I have an '05 CRF250r. I bought it used a couple seasons ago. When I bought it, it had just had the valves adjusted and it was a 1 or two kick bike when cold. After a season, it would sometimes start right away and other times it would take forever. If it was warm there was never a problem. I adjusted the valves, there was almost 0 clearance. After my adjustment, it was back to a 1 kick bike. After a few hours it started to degrade back down to a nightmare. Total hours are unknown along with most of the maintenance records.

I ride mostly trails and am still a novice rider so I'm not hammering on the bike, even on a track. My thought was to get a brand new and fully assembled head from Ape Cylinder Heads (open to other suggestions if anyone has any) with stainless valves for durability. Is there any other maintenance that should be done or looked at while it is apart? The bike runs absolutely fantastic once it starts. No sign of burning oil and the oil is clean when changed at roughly 15 hours. The only issue I have noticed is sticky clutch plates but that's only when it is cold. I am mechanically inclined and plan to do any work myself. I looked at rebuilding the head myself but all new parts and machining was over half the cost of everything new and assembled.