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Thread: Year identification

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    Year identification

    Hello I'm new here and of course have the basic newby question. I was recently given a CR125M. The frame number is CR125M1000166, which would indicate 1974 but the frame is red, tank is red and shocks are red and black. Original fenders appear to have been silver. So I'm lost. Needs new ring and piston, has no compression. Not new to bikes, just this one any help would be appreciated.
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    I can confirm that the 74 had silver bodywork, and I think it had a black frame. Of course, that doesn't mean that someone didn't change yours somewhere along the way. My inclination would be to trust the frame number, and verify it with the engine number (should be pretty close, if not matching). Honda at one time published a book with every model they'd made to that point, including all frame and engine numbers for each. A good dealer (rarer than it used to be, I know) should have that book, and should be able to confirm what you have. But if it's a 74, with a VIN that low, you have a pretty rare bike!


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