ABS-Yes or No???
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Thread: ABS-Yes or No???

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    ABS-Yes or No???

    Getting ready buy a CRF250F Dual Sport and wanted some opinions on whether to get the ABS or non ABS version bike.
    Why would ABS be a bad thing when trail riding? I believe you can turn the ABS off on this bike as well so for certain
    situations you have that option.......

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    Welcome to the forum! Personally, I'm not a big fan of ABS on bikes....but then I've never ridden one with it! I'm from the era where there were no rider aids---if we wanted to slip the clutch, we had to master lever control, instead of leaning on a 'slipper clutch'. Same with ABS. All that said, I can see it being a potential benefit off-road. Even on-road, if you're riding in all kinds of crap weather! I doubt you'd go wrong either way though, so long as you have some riding experience.


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