Crf 450 options??
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Thread: Crf 450 options??

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    Crf 450 options??

    Hi all
    Looking at a used Crf for green laning/ hare and hounds
    What model is the best option?
    I'd like a RX with light/ electrics kit
    But if not is the 450x sufficient? I've heard it's down on power
    Or a road legal 450 r?( but needs the proper light kit etc etc)

    Be grateful of your thoughts

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    Hi, Gareth, and welcome! I'd think the differences between the R and the RX are geared specifically towards the riding you're talking about. Power is delivered in a 'friendlier' way, perhaps with a bit more torque on the RX, where the R is more moto/supercross oriented...harder suspension, pipey, etc. I'm a lousy off-road rider, but I find it hard to use the power of the 450R while banging off of trees on single track!


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