05 450 should i take it? VIDEO
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Thread: 05 450 should i take it? VIDEO

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    Question 05 450 should i take it? VIDEO

    Hello everyone, I spent few last days on thinking about this deal. I already left some money for the owner, the bike seems nice, it has some parts changed and looks like was maintained quite nice considering its price, however Im not very sure about the sound of engine its making. Currently im thinking about bad valves adjustment, cam chain and its tensioner, the compressor arm and maybe rocker arms. These are not very bad options, but its just a guess. Maybe there are some specialists here, I would appreciate their opinion, maybe the sound is from the top/low end.

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    It's hard to tell, but it doesn't sound too bad to me. There's a lot of mechanical clatter in those engines by nature. At worst, it might need the valves adjusted...though that should be part of your first once-over on the bike. How hard was it to start? If the valves are tight, it would've been tougher.

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    I'm still trying to get used to how much noise these engines make(2007 crf 450r with 43 hours). Had mine checked out at a local shop(valves,etc.)and even though I can usually start it on the first kick/runs like a raped ape it always sounds like it's about to grenade when idling.

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