I just bought a 07 CRF 450R tonight as a Christmas present to my self it's got a nice sounding slip on I was concerned cause it took a while to start but it was sitting in his in heated garage and it was -18c once we put a space heater at the motor for a healthy 30min as we had a beer then it basically fired right up idled great sounded aswome so I handed him $2600. It seems like a great bike I drilled him on questions about it like a drill Sargent asked few questions a few times over to see if his story ever changed. It never did it seemed as if I actually new about the bike more the him. He seems like a good guy had a nice house very well organized garage and a few other toys like a niga 600 bike dam I wanted it to. He said he's selling as he claimed it's to big of a bike for trail riding and he wanted a 250 4stroke for more trail riding. And I'm all about the power like Tim allen. I'm going to be a performing a 06-07 R1 pluss nos conversation on my 2016 Raptor. I feel really good about this bike even though it took a bit to get it to start it all checked out real good and it was dam cold when I was looking at so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Any tips he told me to run ATF fluid in the trans does this sound right.