used CRF450R... good year to buy
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Thread: used CRF450R... good year to buy

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    used CRF450R... good year to buy

    So, not fully decided on a 450 yet or a 250, but I think I'm leaning pretty much to a 450. My main question is, I see a couple 2013 450s in my price range but they have the air fork ( first year of it ) instead of coil springs like they just went back to.
    Were the air springs a pain? Did they leak down or require adjustments for altitude changes? Is that the reason for going back to coil springs?
    I see the 2017 250 have the air spring forks but I also saw that the 2017 is the exact same as the 2016.

    Thanks for the advise, its been 17 years since I sold my 2000 CR250 and have only ridden my 600RR since. I'm ready to go back to dirt.

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    From what I have read, the main problem with the air forks is trying to adjust them for your personal type of riding. There are so many adjustments, and as you work your way through them, some adjustments affect previous settings you have already made, and the process starts over again. Then the settings you came up with in the morning need to be tweaked later in the day for optimum performance. Then, you go to a new track with different weather conditions, and you need to do it all over again. Speaking for myself, some days bleeding the air seems like too much work.
    Most people give up and just ride them as they are, and then they are not satisfied with the performance.
    But, I have never ridden a bike with air forks, so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about? Just repeating what I read in the various magazines.
    This answer is a bit dated, what did you end up buying?

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