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  1. Thanks for the reply - I bought it like this - so...

    Thanks for the reply - I bought it like this - so not sure why they replaced it. I didn't realize it was having this bogging problem until I got it home. I did get the bike dirt cheap ($500), and...
  2. 2008 CRF100F - wont idle & top speed bogging down

    Hey guys - I have an aftermarket carb, not really sure what kind there isn't an identification on here that I can see. I bought this bike a few months ago for a steal, and have been tinkering with...
  3. Thread: 2008 crf110f

    by revbungie

    2008 crf110f

    Hey all -

    I have a 2008CRF100F, and i have been searching for graphix and a plastic kit for this bike for about a month now, to no avail, outside of buying outright from Honda. I was hoping...
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