450r cam partial sieze
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Thread: 450r cam partial sieze

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    450r cam partial sieze

    Hey I'm new to this forum and appreciate your advice

    Crf 450r complete rebuild and the engine has run 5 hrs afterwards.

    Riding today and loss of any power but engine still running.

    Open the cam cover and find what's in the pic.

    Lost oil. Was the oil loss the cause or a symptom of the partial seize?

    No external signs of oil loss

    Would like any thoughts before I open further

    Many thanks Name:  IMG_3823.JPG
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    Hi, Foxy, and welcome to the forum! First thing I'd check is the oil pump and it's drive chain....that's assuming you put oil in both the trans AND the engine (they're separate on these engines, like a 2-stroke). Also, are you sure you filled the engine correctly when you finished the rebuild?

    As far as the "partial seizure"...are you referring to the marks on the center cam lobe (intake)? That may not be so unusual, given that it appears to be on the low side of the lobe. Could just be casting marks that didn't need to be polished like the actual lifter part of the lobe.

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