2005 crf250r cylinder head problem
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Thread: 2005 crf250r cylinder head problem

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    2005 crf250r cylinder head problem

    So I ordered an oem cylinder head from partzilla...was visibly not the right head...also it was stamped krnj instead of krnf like the original..I tried to install it but would not work...I thought maybe partzilla was the problem so I sent it back and ordered another one off motosport...same problem with motosport...anybody have any ideas on this? Thanks

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    Ar you certain you have the correct model year of your machine? What sort of problems did you have mounting it up...i.e. what didn't fit correctly? My guess, based on many years of dealer parts department experience, is that you have the wrong model ID or production year. I'd suggest verifying your VIN number and engine number with your dealer before ordering parts.

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